About Habets

Habets aims to provide the level of service that enables customers to have confidence in a partner who continuously meets their requirements and expectations in terms of product quality, cost and delivery time.

We would like to tell you more about our history and goals.


Habets enters into a partnership with its clients. That is why we also work together with several clients on the basis of framework and stock contracts.



Habets has a highly qualified team of professionals who are ready to serve you every day with passion for technology, care for your product and due pride!


Development & Engineering

In-house engineering department with design capacity (supported by a CAD system, of course) for, among other things, machine parts, conveyor belt rollers and drums. As well as development of advanced solutions for customer-specific problems.

History of Habets
1944 | Establishment

Habets was set up in 1944 in a workroom in a shed behind the Habets family's parental home in Hunnecum, with orders mainly for the reconditioning of combustion engines for traction.  They had a small self-constructed turret lathe, a planing machine, a table drill and a workbench with some hand tools.

The space soon proved to be too small and the workshop was expanded. The expanding Limburg coal mines knew to find Habets for the manufacturing of machine parts, intended for mining machines.

1953 | Growth

In 1953 Habets employed 50 people and the work consisted of manufacturing conveyor belt rollers. State mines Limburg, Belgian coal mines and ENCI became good customers.

After the closure of the mines in the 1960s, Habets started to focus on the cement industry, the steel and textile industry, the ceramic and glass fibre industry. The acquisition of Hoogovens IJmuiden as a client in 1966 was an important step.

1971 | New factory

In 1971, the new factory was opened and in the 1980s, the production programme was mainly focused on machine construction in accordance with specifications. Conveyor belt rollers remained important and constituted a large part of the turnover.

1990 | internationally oriented

In the 1990s Habets exists as an internationally oriented company, mainly operating as a supplier to the metal industry, specializing in machined metal processing.

2006 | New owner

In 2006 Habets was taken over by its current owner, Arno Wendrich, and the focus has been fully placed on the global steel and wind industry. Over the past years significant investments have been made in new machinery and processes, as well as in the know-how of the Habets team. This focus has resulted in a solid improvement of our market position. From repairing and manufacturing components by means of thermal spraying and heavy machining, Habets has grown to supply complete sub-assemblies for customers in the aforementioned markets. Total care for our customers is the credo and this is recognized and rewarded by our customer partners with solid growth.

2019 | 75th anniversary

All this is the basis of today's Habets, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2019.