Steel industry

Habets supplies various products to the steel industry, such as chock repair, roll shaft repair, manufacturing of pellet, looper and runout table rolls, among others.

Working method


We give chocks that have been labeled as depreciated a second life. The chocks are completely repaired by us. After pre-treatment, thermal spraying and post-treatment, the chock is returned to our customers as new with guarantee and at a fraction of the new price.

Rollers and shaft journals

Replacing rolls before they have reached the end of their original service life is an extremely costly affair. In many cases, however, the rollers can be overhauled for a fraction of the new price. Habets is happy to use its more than 60 years of experience in heavy machining and various thermal spraying techniques to breathe new life into your rolls by repairing your valuable parts using thermal spraying.

In addition to machining to the original dimensions, Habets can also repair worn shaft journals, for example, while at the same time making modifications and/or fitting new parts. The result is a roll that is returned to you as reborn, quickly and at a fraction of the new price.

Process rolls

All process rolls used in the steel industry are manufactured and coated by Habets, guaranteeing our customers unrivalled longevity through high wear resistance and consistent surface quality.