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Supplier and service partner of industrial components since 1944.

For more than 75 years Habets has been active as a product and service partner for the steel industry, the wind industry, in machine construction and renovation of large industrial components by means of machining and thermal spraying processes.

Our products and services
We would like to tell you more about the various industries we focus on.

Steel industry

Habets manufactures various products and provides services for the steel industry, such as the production of runout table rolls, looper rolls, pellet rolls and the repair of chocks. Read more about it...

Wind industry

Habets makes essential parts for wind turbines, such as planetary carriers. Read more about it...

Heavy industry

The unique combination of thermal spraying and heavy machining makes Habets a well-known supplier to the offshore and other heavy industries. Read more about it...

Service & Repair

Habets gives all your critical components a second life, saving you a great deal of time, money and resources. Read more about it...

The Habets specialty

Living up to and exceeding expectations; this is what Habets Industrial Components & Surface Technology stands for. Habets has been a supplier and service partner of industrial components and surface treatment technology since 1944.

There is often a world of difference between old and new. Difference in quality and reliability, but also difference in functionality. This applies to virtually everything, including the valuable components that keep your production processes going.

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12 september 2022
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7 september 2022
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5 september 2022
Soraluce FP6000: ready for production!
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