Wind industry

Production of essential parts for wind turbines.

Parts for wind turbines

For several large wind turbine manufacturers, we make essential parts including planetary carriers, flanges and torque supports. Especially the planetary carrier, an essential part where all forces at a wind turbine come together, is a highly complicated part in which Habets is specialized. Habets has been supplying the top 5 wind turbine suppliers worldwide for more than 15 years.

Habets has been A-supplier of Siemens AG in Germany for many years.

Planetary carriers for wind turbines

For Siemens AG, we make an essential part of wind turbines, a planetary wheel carrier. This is the part where all the forces on a windmill come together.

This planetary carrier takes care of the transfer of wind (energy) to a generator. High accuracy, coupled with a large size, is essential for the optimal functioning of this critical component of a wind turbine.