Industry Partners

Habets works for and with leading companies and institutions. In addition to these companies, you will find below a number of links to, among others, sector associations.

FME has the aim of strengthening the position of the technological-industrial sector within the economy and so improve the competitive position of its members.


GVN brings together 30 member companies of NEVAT which are suppliers of heavy machining techniques or manufacture products applying heavy machining techniques.


The clearly defined objectives of GTS are to ensure and inspect thermal spray quality, to make this quality visible to the outside world by means of GTS certification, and to promote and make thermal spraying technology known.


The association "Verspaners Groot Nederland" (GVN) unites member companies of NEVAT who are suppliers of heavy-duty machining, or manufacture products with heavy processing techniques.


The Society for Thermal Spraying “Vereniging voor Thermische Spuittechnieken”(VTS) was founded in 1970 with the aim, to give the Dutch industry more recognition. The society has 21 members and it is connected to the European Community for Thermal Spraying (TSG Europe),


IHK (Industrie und Handelskammer)
Close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in Aachen. Not only business cooperation are carried out, but also other cross-border projects in the field of personnel and training.