Habets has specialized for many years in the machining and/or reconditioning of large, complex industrial components.

Our competencies are:

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Industrial Components & Surface Technology
No fewer than 65 professionals handle your products daily with care and passion, whether they are involved in (large-scale) machining of new components or the reconditioning of worn components. This reconditioning process may involve thermal spraying, a preserving technique we have mastered over a period of more than 40 years.

Service & repair
When the expensive components which keep your production processes up and running reach the end of their useful life, there are two options: a substantial investment to replace them, or make a considerably smaller investment and have them reconditioned by Habets.

Expertise & Optimisation
Cost control, tool life extension, quality, fast delivery times and great reliability are for our customers the most important reasons to call on our expertise - particularly where large, complex industrial components are concerned. Our modern machinery is fully geared towards these objectives.

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